Monday, October 26, 2009

Zumba FYI

Just thought you guys might want to know that there is a new ZUMBA book out there. It is about Beto's life, how he created ZUmba, along with break-downs of the basic Zumba steps as well as healthy recipes...What better way to deepen your Zumba knowledge then with reading it from the man himself.

As my own personal plug I will say the 2 different occasions when I have met and associated with Beto I have learned so much!!! He is an amazing instructor and human being. Just one of the many reasons I love ZUMBA!!!

( You can order it on

Friday, October 16, 2009

This weeks music

Songs for this week varied A LOT from class to class (so I can't do one playlist) but here are the majority of them..

Tu Papa y tu Mama (Merengue)

Un Solo Pueblo- (Salsa)

Parabajo- (Reggaeton/Pop)

Valio la Pena (Salsa)

Boro Boro (Belly dancing)

El REy Del Mambo (Merengue)

Llame pa Verte (Reggaeton)

Magalehna (Samba)

Sabor a Melao (Salsaton)

Sabes a Chocolate (cumbia)

Fuego (Cumbia)

Lo Que Paso Paso (REggaeton)

Monday, October 5, 2009

ZUMBA Wear order!!! Get em' while their HOT!!!

Alright Zumba they are: Tanks $15, and pants $50

Let me know what you want and I will place the order hopefully the end of this week.

They come in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

This weeks playlist...

warm-up: SHut it Down (Akon and Pitbull) & I got it from my Mama (Will I. Am)

1. El Rey del Mambo-La Banda Gorda
2. Valio la Pena -MArc Anthony
3. Llame pa Verte- Wisin y Yandel
4. African Beat 2 (Zumba original)
5. Sabes a Chocolate-Kumbia Kings
6. Juliana-DLG
7. Fuego-Kumbia Kings
8. Rompe Cintura-Los Hermanos Rosario
9. Machete-Daddy Yankee
10. Ten Pacienca-Thalia
10. cool down: Lo Que Paso Paso-Daddy Yankee

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ZUMBA Tuesday on Studio 5 with Allie P.

Here is the segment I recently did on KSL with Kass, Heather, Ashley and Jocelyn..look closely and you may see yourself if you frequent my Monday University Golds Gym class.