Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zumba has brought me PEACE

As you know by now I am a terrible blogger and I rarely post anything new but today I have to write about how Zumba has helped me make peace with myself and my body. It probably comes as no surprise that being in the fitness industry there is a lot of pressure to be or look a certain way and since I started teaching in 2006 I have struggled to find a healthy balance for myself as I navigate my way in this business. That is where Zumba comes in. In 2008 I started teaching Zumba and it completely revolutionized the way I think about my body. For once it was a good thing to have a booty (all the more to shake and throw around when you dance) for once i was proud of my hips and my well-endowed chest, which in kickboxing had been nothing but a nuisance. I started seeing my body differently...not so negatively. I love watching people come to Zumba for the first time. I love watching their faces in surprise at all the shapes, sizes, sex, colors, and types of people that are in the class. I love watching them in disbelief the first time they hear people yell out when we start shaking it a lot and everybody just gets so into it.
And that is why Zumba has changed my perspective on fitnesss, and life. Here is the sacred Zumba secret (according to me): There will always be somebody who is a better dancer than me, skinnier than me, nicer clothes than me etc. but in a good Zumba class somehow that all disintegrates and fades away and everyone is equal, all there to ditch the workout and join the party!!! So thank you Zumba Gods for helping little old me see things a little more clearly...