Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zumba- Gratitude

Here we are, January of 2011 and my Zumba journey which began in 2008 continues to grow and amaze me everyday! I would be so selfish and ignorant if i didn't express how grateful I am to everyone that I have met in connection with in my classes. I know I rarely post on this blog and so not many will probably see this, but all the same it must be said. Everytime I go to teach a Zumba class I am so grateful for this so-called "job" I have. I am grateful for Zumba and the way it makes me feel. I am grateful for Latin Music which is truly a gift to the world with the power it has to change emotions. I am grateful for a healthy body that allows me to dance and express myself through movement. I am grateful for facilities that let me teach my classes. I am more than anything grateful for the people that attend my classes! I think I have the best classes in the world (Not because of my instruction by any means) simply because of the energy, smiles, and friendships that are made there. I am grateful for newcomers who take that scary step into the room and wonder what is going on and then 10 minutes into class can't stop smiling. I am grateful for my regulars who amaze me at their consistency(talk about inspiration) And last but certainly not least I am grateful for a husband that supports me in Zumba and the endless hours of choreography and latin music constantly within the walls of our home :).

As I reflect on this past year I feel so utterly spoiled for all that I have been able to experience and do. Thanks again for everyone's support and let's make 2011 even better!! Zumba thanks and Love!!